Moving and making music brings us together!

With years of classroom experience and touring Public Schools, Rich creates a warm and inviting learning environment. Children and adults feel safe and inspired to be playful with his catchy songs and with each other.

Rich’s message is always, “We ARE the show!” and children are invited up to help on many of these fun, physically active songs. Ideal for students preK – 5th grade.

More than just a performance, Rich’s Music Assemblies and Family Concerts encourage interaction, facilitating an experience of community and the feeling of “Family.”

These sing-able songs are immediately accessible, but also have important social themes that can be unpacked as we grow and reflect. “No matter who is looking, we do the right thing.”

Children love singing & moving to this music, and adults love that their kids are learning vital life lessons and character-building hints.

CDs like Room 4U & Me and The World is Our Neighborhood are chock full of Music with solid messages that inspire kids to think about their potential and being the best person they can be. No matter who is watching!

Rich brings a PA and Projection system, to encourage visual learning and Reading skills. Lyrics and images for each song can be projected on his screen, or on your Gymnasium wall.

Here are some Sample songs for early Elementaries, that always elicit a great response from children. Bi-lingual Chorus renditions (English & Spanish) are noted with an asterisk.

Flowers are Red – a new twist on a classic, participatory song, by Harry Chapin

Don’t Play with Bruno – a fun story-song and example of rejection answered with kindness

Funky Monkey – most requested song, with Verses encouraging respect for self and others *

Headin’ Home – a young boy runs away from home but can’t escape responsibility *

Cow Says Moo –interactive rhyming song *

Clap your Feet – a song that eventually had to be written. “It’s good exercise too” Sofia Bella- 5

Let’s Eat Bugs – a chance to learn a BIG word, learning how many people get their protein!” *

Arachnophobia – autobiographical song, with Miss Muffet making her come-back! *

Bear Hug – a chance to interact with your neighbors, without actually touching them J *

Glad Dance – a side-to-side Jig: “I’m so glad to be alive, I’ll jump up & clap your hand!” *

The World is Our Neighborhood – a slower song, with an eye toward the world community 

Peace Like a River –an active and interactive version of a traditional fave! *

May You Find Sleep Tonight – a lullaby for all the children of the world

Vida Buena – a little girl discovers a different kind of “good life,” on an actual Chicago street*

Chameleon – a protest song to stand up for what you believe; “We’re not just Chameleons!” *